It’s just so simple, we’ve saved thousands and now we’re in control”

A unique way of managing your residential block. We work alongside homeowners and leaseholders, whether in a block of flats or an estate of houses, taking away the burdensome administration associated with property management and putting you firmly in control.

With our approach to block management, you make the decisions – on which contractors to engage, how much to spend, whether invoices should be paid and how much involvement you want to have in management – and leave us to do everything else.

Through a private block website, you have access to a range of services and tools designed to give clarity and transparency. Our packaged approach gives homeowners the opportunity and wherewithal to get on with as much – or as little – of managing their block as they choose.

If you’re currently considering your property management options, take a look at our ‘5 questions to ask managing agents’ section to see what makes Urban Owners different in a nutshell.