Who is behind Urban Owners?

Steve Wylie and Steve Hooper founded Urban Owners having been left feeling frustrated, let down and short-changed by the various managing agents that they had come across over the years.

Even after completing enfranchisement and selecting their own managing agents on a number of properties, they still felt dissatisfied with the level of service provided. The belief that there was an opportunity to introduce a new approach offering leaseholders both control and support in block management at a fair price led to the creation of Urban Owners.

Our Goal

To build a company that can deliver our unique balance of advice and delivery we have built the company on the following foundations. We believe these are essential for a block management company that can deliver value to leaseholders.

A philosophy to drive what we do and how we do it

We believe all our stakeholders need to know what drives the operations at Urban Owners and what we are attempting to deliver.

To this effect we have written down the underlying philosophies that drive our behaviour and objectives. These thread themselves through our policies and procedures and our staff training. We hope this means that you will know the underlying energy that drives us to strive to succeed.

 To view details please click to access property management philosophies.

A leadership team to bring depth of experience

We have built a leadership team that brings experience from various disciplines and backgrounds. Our objective is to ensure that we can bring experience to bear when offering advice to the management teams of the properties we assist in the management of. Our leadership team bring a breadth of specialist knowledge in each area we have to advise within and this aligns with our operating model where we build specialist rather than generalist practitioners.

Members of our block management team are always available to discuss issues with leaseholders and offer advice and oversee the management of work within their area and get involved in the day to day tasks.

 Click to meet our Leadership Team.

A recruitment and training approach to develop our people

As a growing company we have the privilege of being able to recruit new staff and develop our own staff internally.

We aim to develop staff to be specialists in their area rather than generalists. For example, our property account managers do not organise maintenance works as general practice, we have a maintenance team with deeper experience that are responsible for such.

We aim to develop staff at a rate consummate with their own energy, drive and competence to grow and develop. We promote all our property account manager staff to become IRPM certified and keep involved in on-going IRPM training.

We recruit a mix of experienced staff and young staff that can grow and develop with us with the Urban Owners culture and approach. Each year we normally take on one paid intern to try and help them get real life experience and an opportunity to build their CV.

Current Job Vacancies

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A commitment to support our staff in helping the community

We always aim for the company to act in a socially responsible manner and we support staff that want to support their community.

The company will always offer advice to clients that encourages solutions that reduce the energy footprint of our clients properties, makes our properties safer and make them more pleasant to live in.

The company will always promote office policies that maximise recycling and energy efficiency.

The company will support staff in activities to support our community in its broadest context. See below for a few of the actions of our staff that we are proud they have undertaken.

 2015 – Block management pink champagne raffle for Breast Cancer Care

 2013 – A pink block management team fundraising for Breast Cancer Care