Block management case studies

At Urban Owners we know that our approach to block management – where the homeowners are in control – delivers all-round benefits.

With both the Right To Manage or Block Management our approach is exactly the same. Clear communication and transparency throughout enable Urban Owners to deliver a comprehensive service to our clients whereby we work directly for and with the leaseholders. Not only does this ensure a better style of property management but also commonly reduces costs. Below are just some of the testimonials from our clients.


“Urban Owners successfully complete another Right To Manage”

Mr Cleary was a disgruntled leaseholder within a small block of six flats on a much larger development consisting of flats and houses.

He and his fellow leaseholders were experiencing on-going problems with their existing managing agent, whom they felt were not providing an efficient or cost effective level of block management. Not only did they consistently have to complain to their managing agent about the quality and price of the services they were providing but they were never getting a satisfactory level of response …. read more

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“Saved £10,000 by making one phone call!”

‘Under our previous Managing Agent we were paying £28,000 annually for our buildings insurance, this was an insurance premium organised and obtained by our Managing Agent at the time. Upon engaging the services of Urban Owners we were able to make one phone call and were quoted £18,000 for the exact same insurance premium, from the same broker and with the same insurer. Due to Urban Owners’ policy of not taking any commissions on services provided we were able to make a significant saving of over 35%.’

“We redecorated our block’s communal parts – something our landlord hadn’t done in years”

Leaseholders in an Urban Owners-managed North West London block demonstrated the benefits of taking control and directing block management, choosing to redecorate their block’s common parts, giving it a much needed face-lift after years of neglect from the landlord …. read more

“We get a far better service by choosing our own contractors”

The residents of one block were frustrated that the common parts in their block were never properly cleaned. After taking control of their block management with Urban Owners, they chose a new cleaning company. The cost of the cleaners was reduced from £120 per month to £75 per month. Far more importantly, however, the common parts were now actually being cleaned to the standard that they expected. They now live in a much cleaner and more pleasant environment.




“Our accounts are now up-to-date; everyone has paid their service charge”

The managing agent of one block was closely linked to the owner of two of the flats in this newly built block. Due to this relationship the managing agent never chased outstanding service charge invoices. After the managing agent was sacked and the residents began managing their block with Urban Owners, firm and decisive debt collection proceedings were instigated. Finally, service charge fees in excess of £6,000 were recovered, putting the accounts for the whole block in a significantly stronger position.

“Our agent asked us to pay £80,000 for works; we arranged it ourselves for £6,000”

One managing agent in London was blindly following the terms of the lease without considering how to provide a good service to the homeowners. The external parts of the building were scheduled to be re-decorated and they asked a firm to provide a quote for decorating the complete building. Their quote was £80,000. The residents were astonished. After appointing Urban Owners to support them with block management, the residents held discussions with a chartered surveyor and a more focused approach to maintenance, they managed to arrange for the works to be completed at a cost of £6,000.
“Almost half of our annual service charge budget is paid to our managing agent”
One group of residents used a managing agent to manage their properties. Only limited work was required, however, the agent was charging over £2,500 out of an annual budget of £5,500. By taking control, the residents were able to significantly reduce this cost.

“We created a better sense of community and everyone now takes responsibility for our block”

When the residents of the flats in a converted Victorian house decided to take control with Urban Owners, the financial benefits were clear. However, an additional benefit was that the residents collectively started to take more pride and interest in their block. A social community was formed with residents meeting on a quarterly basis, over a glass of wine, to discuss and agree what action should be taken. Everyone had their say on what works were to be undertaken and money was spent on what people wanted.

“With Urban Owners, the decisions we make as leaseholders are actually being implemented”

The homeowners in a West London block had been complaining for years about their managing agent’s high charges and lack of responsiveness.

After appointing Urban Owners to manage their block, they cut their £5000 management fee in half, saved £5000 a year on general repairs and maintenance, and, thanks to Urban Owners’ persistence, recovered £2000 in misplaced funds from their previous managing agent …. read more

   Read full case study and watch video testimonial