Your questions answered

If you have any further block management or Right to Manage queries, or if you would just like to be talked through the service, please call us. Alternatively, send us a request and we’ll call you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We already use a managing agent for our block; can we still use Urban Owners?

Yes – upon your instruction we can initiate the process of terminating your contract with your existing managing agent, and get you up and running with Urban Owners. We’ll manage the transition process every step along the way to save you from having to get involved.

Is information about the block and the homeowners kept secure and private?

Yes – we won’t pass on any information about you and your block. Your information is stored securely to prevent hacking or processing. We ensure that sensitive information is transmitted from your browser to our server via an encrypted link.

What is the optimal number of units Urban Owners can support, and where does Urban Owners operate?

We can support all manner of properties; whether you live in a Victorian house converted into three flats, a mansion block or a purpose built block of one hundred flats. We manage blocks throughout England and Wales; we’ve blocks dotted along the South Coast, from Cornwall to Brighton and Hastings, up through London and the South West, South Wales and the Midlands, right up to Manchester, Yorkshire and Newcastle.

If we do not own the freehold but have the Right to Manage, can we use Urban Owners’ services?

Yes – we’re experienced in supporting blocks where homeowners have taken control of their block through the Right to Manage.

Do you provide a leaseholder portal and what software do you use?

Yes – we have one of the leading leaseholder portals.  The portal has a level of information unique to Urban Owners – you can even see the images to the supplier invoices we are paying on your behalf.

There is differing levels of information available depending on whether you are a leaseholder or Director. Enabling Directors to be more involved in the day-to-day decision making.  Individuals can choose to have updates on activities we are undertaking or not through the portal.

The software we use is fully integrated and is a leading block management software package provided by Blocks Online.  It is compatible with all major browsers.

Do you belong to any associations, or hold any accreditations that give clients assurance?

To ensure clients have recourse if we do not meet your expectations, Urban Owners is a member of the Ombudsman Services: Property. This is an independent body providing dispute resolution services between consumers and their managing agent. Urban Owners is tied to any judgement that the Ombudsman makes relating to our service and compensation rulings. As an Urban Owners client, you have completely free access to the Ombudsman service. For full details of the support available to you, visit the Ombudsman Services: Property.

To ensure we serve leaseholders appropriately, we operate in line with the RICS Service Charge Residential Management Code, which is approved by the Secretary of State for England. This effectively requires that we follow all the latest legislation including Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 and the Companies Act 2006.

To ensure we appropriately protect your information on our systems, we are registered with the Information Commissioner and follow their guidelines ( Register Entry: Z1474308).

If my block completes enfranchisement, can we use Urban Owners’ services?

Most definitely yes – as somebody considering or going through enfranchisement, Urban Owners is the ideal solution to help you deliver the benefits of having taken control of the management of your block from your landlord.

We would work with you during the enfranchisement process to inform you on how your block would benefit from moving to our block administration services and ensure a smooth transition from your existing landlord and managing agent on its completion.