Long Meadow, which consists of 114 dwellings, is one of Crossover C-Zero's first projects, and sets the standard as a groundbreaking development both in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency and price.

The site is being constructed using sustainable materials, which have less of an impact on the environment and also save the residents money in home running costs. The project has benefitted from a £3m grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change for promoting the use of renewable materials in construction.

A new concept in affordability and community development, many of the homes are exclusively available to local people, and at a discount to their open market value. Additionally, the flats and houses are built around a new village green, encouraging a greater sense of community.

And managing agent Urban Owners' innovative approach to property management, where homeowners save money by directing management decisions, was seen as the perfect service to complement the project.

Our community-based management style, where homeowners collectively participate in managing their estate - and where management is made smoother as a result - was adjudged to fit nicely with the philosophies on which the development is being built.

Crossover C-Zero director Simon Linford revealed that members of the Dancing Horse Management Company - made up of residents of the development - were equally encouraged when informed of the Urban Owners estate management model and the synergy between the projects.

Urban Owners' Steve Wylie said of the news: "This is a great opportunity to apply the Urban Owners property management approach to a project which is being developed with a similar emphasis on community involvement and integration in mind."

"We're looking forward to working with the Long Meadow's homeowners and putting them in control, and we hope that this is the start of a long-lasting and valuable relationship with Crossover C-Zero and their sustainable developments."

Visit www.longmeadowdiss.co.uk or www.czero.com for more information.

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