Frustrations with managing agents

Until now, homeowners have used managing agents to 'manage' their block to take away the hassle of administration. But for the most part, managing agents' service falls way short of expectations:

  • Managing Agents can be unhelpful and unresponsive, acting as if they have total control and not listening or taking direction from the homeowner.
  • Services, especially insurance, can cost more through a managing agent as they commonly take sales commissions at the homeowners' expense.
  • Without active involvement from homeowners, managing agents can sanction works that are unnecessary.
  • The managing agent, positioned between homeowners and contractors, can actually complicate the process of organising works; homeowners often spend more time managing the agent than the contractors.

Challenges of self-management

In an attempt to save money and avoid the frustrations managing agents, some homeowners attempt to self-manage their block, but this approach also has its drawbacks:

  • While self-management puts homeowners in control, it also leaves them responsible for carrying out the administration for their block.
  • Without professional guidance, self-managing homeowners risk violating legal and regulatory block management requirements.
  • The task of self-management generally ends up falling upon just one or two of the homeowners, who can quickly become out of their depth.

We stand in a unique position with an innovative solution, offering homeowners the chance to take control and make informed management decisions using our web-based block management tools whilst we do as much of the administration as you like, and ensure that you comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Unique features of block administration services

  1. With our Block Administration Services, we take direction from the homeowners, giving them full control of how their block is managed.
  2. Flexible packages - homeowners can do as much or as little as they want
  3. Homeowners have total visibility of all financial activity and correspondence
    relating to their block through their private Block Website
  4. We never take sales commissions from contractors, and don't impose contractors
    on our clients - giving them the opportunity to make substantial savings
  5. We have experts in every block management field, with dedicated teams ready to
    deal with all of your legal, financial and maintenance queries


The bottom line...

  • On average, our clients save 25% on the total annual block expenditure
  • Since we cut out sales commissions, our clients save on average 30% on their insurance premium, or £900 across the block
  • We charge a flat rate block management fee, not based on a percentage of your expenditure - our clients save 30% on average on managing agent fees.
  • We let you choose contractors, and you can even do jobs yourselves - we save our clients 30% on general repairs and maintenance
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