Philosophies as a Foundation

Steve Wylie and Steve Hooper founded Urban Owners knowing it had to be different. To be different it was important to embed their beliefs into the
operational fabric of the company.

To achieve this the founders captured their beliefs
as their philosophy behind what they felt was essential
that managing agents and homeowners do to deliver the best
result for the homeowners. The philosophy recognises and is based on a belief that homeowners cannot abdicate responsibility totally to the agent.

Urban Owners’ philosophies

  1. Homeowners themselves, not a landlord or third party managing agent, are best placed to direct the day to day management of their block.
    Homeowners know what’s best for their block. As residents, they have the incentive to ensure that it is well-maintained and are most likely to report issues that need to be resolved.

  2. Homeowners get better value for money if they control how their money is spent.
    As money-funders as well as money-spenders, homeowners have the incentive to get value for money when managing their block. A managing agent will never go the extra mile to ensure you get the best deal.
    When it’s your own money you care about these things. Where else would you let someone else spend your money without your consent? At Urban Owners, we believe property management should be no exception.

  3. Homeowners should be able to take on block management responsibilities if they are competent and happy to do so.
    Homeowners can save money and increase efficiency by participating in block management. At Urban Owners, we support homeowners who wish to do so, but we’re equally ready to help out and provide advice and guidance when required.
    Most aspects of block management aren’t rocket science, so if a homeowner has the time and inclination to get involved for the benefit of the block, who are we to stop them?

  4. Homeowners should have access to every piece of information concerning their block’s management whenever and wherever they want it.
    We recognise that if you’re participating in managing you block, you’ll want the process to be as fast and straightforward as possible. With that in mind, at Urban Owners we ensure that you’ve access to every piece of information about your block whenever you need it.
    You’ll never be charged, find yourself chasing us up or have to come to our offices in order to get your hands on the information you need.

  5. Homeowners shouldn’t be faced with inflated charges or compromised on their choice of contractor as a result of a managing agent taking sales commissions from its favoured contractors.
    Where contractors are appointed on the basis of the slice of sales commission they are willing to offer the managing agent – as is often the case with traditional managing agents – homeowners are compromised on two counts:
    Firstly, they’re forced to pay more as a result of the sales commissions, and secondly they have no say over which contractor is appointed, regardless of the quality of service provided.

  6. A block will run smoothest where there is a clear, constitutional decision making process in place for homeowners.
    In any democracy it is essential to have a strong constitution for efficient decision making – block management should be no different. A written constitution ensures a democratic process where decisions can be made with involvement by all interested parties and minimal personal conflict.
    The last thing you want when managing your block is for homeowners to be falling out with each other, or for a select group to make all the decisions without consulting their fellow leaseholders.

  7. Our block management operations and policies should be transparent to our clients.
    At Urban Owners, we’re always working in your best interest. To ensure that this remains the case, we promise to make our policies available to clients and welcome you to visit our offices.

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