We redecorated block’s communal parts – our landlord hadn’t done in years

Leaseholders in an Urban Owners-managed North West London block demonstrated the benefits of taking control and directing block management, choosing to redecorate their block’s common parts, giving it a much needed face-lift after years of neglect from the landlord.

The residents of the block, a four-flat converted house in North West London, had only recently completed the enfranchisement process to take control away from their landlord, when they and opted to appoint Urban Owners to assist them in managing their property.

On taking control, it was universally agreed that the first project would be to redecorate the block’s communal parts, which had become tatty and rundown – the landlord having failed to arrange any much-needed upkeep for a number of years.

So for just a couple of hundred pounds a head and with Urban Owners’ assistance, the leaseholders selected a contractor, agreed a scope of works and were soon delighted with the results – their communal lobby and stairs having been turned from dank and drab to warm and homely, with particular attention paid to the small details which make all the difference.

A smart new fitted door mat replaced the previous scruffy version:

 Before   After

And generally speaking, a fresh coat of paint and some close attention to detail in applying finishing touches has transformed the residents living environment.



They also choose to install a letter catcher and some individual letter boxes, where previously mail had been strewn over the floor and stairs.