Right to Manage, A Client’s Perspective

Mr Cleary was a disgruntled leaseholder within a small block of six flats on a much larger development consisting of flats and houses.

He and his fellow leaseholders were experiencing on-going problems with existing managing agent, whom they felt were not providing an efficient/cost effective level of block management. Not only did they consistently have to complain about the quality and price of the services they were providing but they were never getting a satisfactory level of response. They felt like many other leaseholders nationwide who are trapped into the system of paying extortionate service charges for poor services provided by un-co-operative and incompetent managing agents.

The Solution

Change was needed and Mr Cleary and his fellow leaseholders researched the Right To Manage, a process that would allow the leaseholders to take control of their block management. Mr Cleary identified Urban Owners as a potential company that could help their cause after reading our website and through consultation with Urban Owners the block decided to proceed with the Right To Manage.

The Process

Urban Owners ensured the block met the criteria that is required for the process and formed the RTM Company on their behalf. Then following the stringent processes Urban Owners guided the block successfully through the procedure. Although Urban Owners was doing the work on behalf of the leaseholders, they were kept informed throughout so they fully understood the process and were able plan ahead for the future block management of the flats. Please see our comprehensive Right To Manage Guide for detailed information on the process.

The Result

The process took approximately 5 months and cost the block £800 to acquire the RTM. However upon their acquisition date they took control of the block management, meaning that they and not the freeholder was now responsible for the management, maintenance and insurance of the building. They chose Urban Owners to act as managing agent, providing our Admin Assist service. This allowed them to choose the exact services they required for their block, whilst controlling the budget as well. Through this control and our expertise and advice, the block made substantial savings in year one alone.


The Right To Manage is not a difficult process as Mr Cleary and his fellow leaseholders found out. With the correct guidance, Urban Owners helped them through to achieve what they were seeking to achieve – taking control – and ultimately through this control, they saved money on their service charges.