Our Block Management Services

To help you to decide how to manage your block and how much assistance you need, we offer three packages of varying levels of service – and you can upgrade from one to another as you prefer.
We also provide a range of supplementary services so you can get further assistance if and when you need it.

In order to sign up for our services, you’ll have to have acquired Right To Manage or enfranchisement of your block, be a Residents Management Company or a Share Of Freehold company.

Our Options

Admin Assist

  • Online communication and document storage
  • Financial administration
  • Contractor payment
  • Service charge collection
  • Regulation guidance

£90 – £135 per unit per year(min £450 per block)



Free to Members

Full Admin

Admin Assist plus:

  • Contractor Management
  • Property Inspections
  • Leaseholders Meeting


£180 – £350 per unit per year(min £2,500 per block)

Estate Admin

Full Admin plus:

  • Quarterly Board Meeting
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Annual news letter

(For multi-building estates.)

Price on Application

All Prices Exclude VAT

Our Block Management Packages

Admin Assist (£90 – £135 per unit per year)

The Admin Assist package gives you all of the online functions of a personal Block Website,  whilst we undertake the administrative functions on your behalf, saving you time and effort and ensuring that you don’t violate regulatory requirements.

Urban Owners will:

  • Undertake all aspects of day-to-day financial administration;
    • Assist homeowners in determining their annual budget.
    • Generate service charge requests and collect monies from homeowners.
    • Receive, and, after authorisation, pay invoices from contractors.
    • Track and reconcile the bank account balances.
    • Produce the electronic and physical files ready for accountant review.
    • Deal with any enquiries from the accountants resultant from accounts production.
  • Maintain physical files of all documentation and correspondence.
  • Maintain an archive of key documentation.
  • Provide your block’s own secure website accessible only by homeowners in the block.
    • Easy to use communication via an electronic notice board.
    • Electronic storage of uploaded documents, ensuring no loss of information.
    • Central access point for contact details of fellow homeowners.
    • Easy to use tools for entering information about the block.

Full Admin (£180 – £350 per unit per year)

Our Full Admin package provides a level of service equivalent to that offered by traditional managing agents, but with the distinction that homeowners are in control of management decisions, and are consulted before actions are taken. For example, you approve contractors before they are engaged, and have the ability to stop invoices before they are paid by Urban Owners.

With our Full Admin package, you get everything included in our Admin Assist package, whilst additionally we will:

  • Administer the selection and engagement of regular contractors to your block (for ad hoc project management work please see the Supplementary Services section below).
  • Provide a qualified surveyor / inspector to undertake an initial Block Condition Survey Report and thereafter a Periodic Block Inspection Report on an annual or more regular basis. The reports are intended to provide homeowners with advice and guidance on actions they should be taking with respect to the maintenance of their block.
  • Conduct an Annual Leaseholders Meeting with members of the residents’ management company or Right to Manage company.

Estate Admin (P.O.A)

Our Estate Admin package is focused on mixed tenure estates of flats and houses, where you typically have multiple blocks of flats and may also have houses, commericial and dedicated roads and green land that needs managing.  Typically such estates will contain over 100 units.

This often presents a unique blend of requirements that have to be more specifically blended into a package that works for the property and involves an enhanced level of reporting to the Board and residents. Hence this package includes additional quarterly board meetings and annual newsletters.

We recognise that at times clients will have neither the time or inclination to participate in certain aspects of the management of their block. Accordingly, we offer a range of supplementary services so that, should they prefer, clients can call upon Urban Owners for more extensive administration of their block.

Please note – for Full Admin and Estate Admin clients, Annual Leaseholders Meeting, Block Condition Survey Report and Periodic Block Inspection Report are included in your basic package.

Company Secretary (£210 per company per year)

Urban Owners will become the Company Secretary of your Residents’ Management Company, with our offices being the registered office for all company correspondence. We will submit all documents to Companies House on your behalf and deal with any enquiries of this nature. Typical activities we undertake as a Company Secretary include submitting financial accounts, the annual return and changes to the company directors, and managing shares as ownership of units changes.

Project Management (£95 per hour or 8% of works)

Ranging from works specification where we can undertake a preliminary analysis of the proposed scope of works and write a specification of the works, through to the tender stage where Urban Owners will arrange for quotes to be submitted and assist in selecting the best contractor, through to complete project management – Urban Owners can manage as much or as little of a works project depending upon your requirements.

Block Condition Survey (From £450)

Urban Owners will utilise a qualified surveyor / inspector to conduct a thorough survey of your block. This includes: a review of all areas requiring attention in the short to medium term, notification of construction points and issues that may need to be addressed, an estimation of the likely remedy costs and reading of any utility meters.

Insurance Re-build valuation (From £350)

Urban Owners will utilise a qualified surveyor / inspector to conduct a survey and measurements of your property. from this review standard valuations will be used from RICs to determine a re-build valuation for your property. This valuation will then be used to set the ‘declared value’ on your building insurance policy.

Additional Periodic Maintenance Inspections (£100 per inspection)

Urban Owners will utilise a qualified surveyor / inspector to carry out a periodic inspection of your block, focussing specifically on any changes or deterioration to the block subsequent from the Block Condition Inspection Report.